Urbana is a new apartment in downtown Chula Vista. It provides 135 apartment units in a fast growing, central area, where more housing was needed. For years developers have been adding more housing to Chula Vista by expanding to previously undeveloped areas in the east, which is far from jobs and adds to traffic congestion. Urbana replaced several small scale apartment complexes, thereby increasing the number of housing in central Chula Vista, units near jobs and stores.

Urbana is larger and taller than most buildings in the area, but not so big that it feels out of place. The facade is modern and almost reminiscent of a collection of factory buildings. This may sound strange for a new apartment building but it works well in breaking up its large mass, thereby making the building feel more to scale with the neighborhood. The ground floor contains retail space along the street, which is appropriate for the location because this is one of the few sections of Chula Vista where pedestrian traffic is common.

Chula Vista is rife with new buildings that look like bland, cookie-cutter, cheap afterthoughts. What we can appreciate about Urbana is that the designers went with a modern style that would look at home in some of the more trendy San Diego neighborhoods, but still fits in with downtown Chula Vista.

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    393 H Street

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    Mountain West Real Estate


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