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UCSD Tata Hall for the Sciences

The landscape site design endeavors to enhance the social, environmental, aesthetic and functional qualities of the site including Urey Green. The design concept’s intention is to enhance those existing spatial qualities and building materials that contribute to the historic character while making careful, contemporary, aesthetic interventions. Additionally, the design concept implements the goals outlined in the Revelle and Muir Colleges Neighborhoods Planning Study which includes: improvement of pedestrian connections to Pacific Hall, Revelle Natural Science Quad, and Ridgewalk. These interventions increase student social functionality and enjoyment and expand campus awareness of environment.

What was previously a large swath of turf grass monoculture is now a dynamic campus space of gardens and spaces for gathering or quiet reflection. The garden serves as a transition between Urey Hall and the larger turf space. The incorporation of a variety of plants introduce a diverse habitat increasing campus biodiversity. The storm water infrastructure is visible with a steel conveyance channel adding to the dynamic intersecting pathways of the site; a concrete weir spills into a lushly vegetated basin enhanced with large boulders. A variety of lines, angles, and materials harmoniously blend with the architecture and campus context offering a real feast for the senses and a certain level of excitement.

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    Orchid Nominee

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    UCSD Revelle College Neighborhood, San Diego, CA 92161

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    Brad Phipps, Project Manager/

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    Spurlock Landscape Architects

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    Bill Timmerman and Emily Dowgiallo


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