Truax Lofts

The preservation of a historic Craftsman with a deep-rooted history served as the center of this community-focused project. Originally built in 1912, the house played a vital role in San Diego’s LGBTQ history by serving as the only hospice for AIDS patients during the epidemic. NDD expertly restored the dilapidated structure while simultaneously developing the adjacent plots of sharply sloped land. The result is a unique, multi-residential building that shares a courtyard with its sleek new sister residence, and a bold block of eye-catching townhomes.

Named for Dr. Brad Truax, an AIDS awareness and prevention leader, the historically preserved house features 10 unique studios plus a multi-purpose community room. The adjacent sister lofts are an architectural gem: NDD maximized this otherwise unusable space providing additional dwelling units (including four very low income units to aid in alleviating the housing crisis) while providing maximum natural light and stunning views. The 4 sustainable, mid-century modern inspired townhomes offer rooftop decks and thoughtfulness to privacy.

The properties were completed using eco-friendly materials and finishes, and boast solar panels to offset electric power usage. The entire project is a testament to the blend of vintage and modern architecture for which Bankers Hill is known.

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    598 West Laurel St., San Diego

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    Nakhshab Development & Design, Inc.

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    Soheil Nakhshab:

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    Nakhshab Development & Design, Inc.

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    Darren Bradley

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