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Truax House/Leon at Laurel Landscape Design

The very unenlightened “garden” area at this project consists of a sea of gravel, in an amazingly steep slope down to Union Street. Although native California plants were promised, none were used. Instead, they installed a span of gravel, river rock, ice plant, Mexican sage, Jacarandas, rows of Podocarpus, Astelia Chathamica, repeat. In addition, the pink bougainvillea on the steep hillside clashes with the fire engine red paint on the 1912 Truax house.

Behind and between the east side of the Truax house, the Leon condos’ 18 inch area of soil is planted with running bamboo which will encroach directly east so that its roots will run under the California native plants on the adjoining property, under the sidewalk, foundation, and into the property of the neighboring small apartment building. All this despite the fact that the owners promised California native landscaping which would combine with that of the neighboring building.

The fence is boasted to be NDD’s design but is just a chain link fence with three pieces of cedar fencing.

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    2513/2515 Union Street, San Diego CA 92101

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    Soheil Nakhshab

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    Soheil Nakhshab,

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    Nakhshab Development & Design Inc. (NDD)

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