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Tower 180 Rooftop Amenity Deck, 8th Floor – Landscape

The re-branded project, dubbed Tower 180, elevates an existing Class A office building to stand out from the crowd. As part of the office tower repositioning, which included recladding the existing building facade, adding a new building entry and sculptural signage and completely overhauling the common areas, including a stunning new lobby, the design team also developed a rooftop amenity deck that functions as an extension of the office, offering places of respite and rest, nooks for focused work and spaces for meetings, conferences and workplace events.

Before: The existing 8th level exterior terrace was a dated, astro turf coated space with several half-hexagon shaped glass seating enclosures organized with little relation or connection. A copper framed open pavilion housed a 10-foot diameter no-longer functioning water feature leaving an odd 3-foot walkway surrounding it.

The most notable features of the existing terrace were the views of downtown San Diego and an incredible collection of established cactus and succulent specimens – a garden so unique that the City of San Diego actually identified it as a public green space.

After: The new rooftop amenity deck properly leverages the stunning views of the city and the beauty of unique cacti and succulent collection with a revamped program which includes repurposing the existing pavilion as an exterior conference space (and removing the non-functional water feature) and adding new work spaces, flexible furnishing, lounge space and a fire pit for workday and night event use.

Functionality was also added to the platform deck: The finish surface was elevated for a cleaner flush condition at the entrance to improve drainage and to preserve the existing planters with the specimen plant material. Terracing was also added to create program separation while also enhancing views of the city skyline.

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    180 Broadway, San Diego

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Hammer Ventures

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    Carrier Johnson + CULTURE

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    Brian Connolly Photography and KDKC Photography

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