The Continental

The Continental on West Cedar Street is made up of 42 studios that average 380 square feet, a single family 3 bedroom residence, and ground level commercial space.

The project is the vision of father-son duo Jonathan and Matthew Segal, who designed and developed the building together. The concept: renters will be willing to reside in a smaller place, and forgo a parking spot, pool, gym and other perks to live in the popular neighborhood at a less expensive rate.

The design of the Continental emphasizes that a simple high quality material pallet can be effective in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.  In addition to long term material longevity the building’s green rating exceeds California’s requirement by over 15%.  The entire core energy usage is powered by high efficiency solar panels and all units feature high efficiency appliances and large sliding doors and private patios for natural ventilation.

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  • Project Address:

    1600 Union Street

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Jonathan Segal FAIA

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Jonathan Segal FAIA and Matthew Segal AIA

    Image Credit:

    Matthew Segal AIA

Contact Us

Contact Us



P.O. Box 122228
San Diego, CA 92112-2228
Federal Tax ID: 95-3513927

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