Stop the Spread

The Stop the Spread mural is part of a series of artworks commissioned by the state of California to raise awareness of COVID safety. The piece depicts a Latina woman holding up cempasúchil flowers to cover her nose and mouth. It has serval meanings, first of all the reminder that taking care of ourselves means that we are taking care of other and using a mask is an act of love to each other. Secondly it recognizes how disproportionately impacted the Latinx community was during the pandemic and celebrates them as many are essential workers. Thirdly it stands as a memorial for those that have died during the pandemic by using the cempasúchil flower that are used in the altars of the Day of the Dead. Finally it was important for the artist being herself a Latina woman, to have this message of hope be given by a woman of color especially a Latina since their voices are not heard enough and often ignored.

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    1955 Julian Ave., San Diego

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    Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio

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    Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio

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