Remedy Holistic Pharmacy

Remedy holistic pharmacy redefines the pharmacy experience by humanizing it, empowering people with the knowledge and choices to live healthier lives through a better designed environment.

The interior design of Remedy Pharmacy embraces old world pharmacy and creates a warm welcoming environment through careful presentation of products and open airy feeling. From the outside, the jewel box like retail space is highlighted by butt glazed glass and window boxes filled with flowers. Once inside the modern and fresh interpretation brings dental crown molding and brass motifs. Remedy’s woman owned and 100% woman operated pharmacy focus on the natural remedies as a primary method for healing or health embraces these products up front and obscures the back of house typical pharmaceuticals.

Truthfully many people don’t even realize they can pick up their regular prescriptions here with insurance because it’s often described as “too pretty” to be a pharmacy.  The quality and texture of materials, mosaic flooring, inset Carrara marble counters, brass register counter, and beautiful simple graphics all reflect on the modern interpretation of the small town European style pharmacy. The blush pink exterior blade pharmacy sign? and its neon border complement the interior and graphic pallet of the space? These small details join together to create a pharmacy you don’t want to leave.

After regular business hours the space transforms into a community learning space where lectures on natural products are presented by naturalists and doctors. Find solace at Remedy Holistic Pharmacy and spare yourself from the big box retail factories and their fluorescent lighting.

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    320 West Cedar Street Suite 103, San Diego

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    April Segal

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    Matthew Segal AIA

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    Matthew Segal AIA

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Federal Tax ID: 95-3513927

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