Rady Residence

The Rady Residence is a new construction project on The Salvation Army’s Door of Hope campus, developed to shelter families impacted by homelessness, by providing a safe and respectful space while families transition their lives back into the community. The overall design stemmed from the needs of The Salvation Army’s ongoing venture to make an impact on homelessness.

Completed in 2020, the Rady Residence is a 32-unit/136-bed housing development providing 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom unit options accommodating various family sizes. Located in San Diego, California, for decades this campus was a site that provided housing and supportive programs for many individuals. It was key to all stakeholders that the design and function of the building create pride in the residents who will live there.  Due to the nature of residents coming and going as part of the program, the longevity and durability of materials were important items to consider throughout the design and construction of this project.

On the ground level of the Rady Residence, the spacious lobby and family services wing opens to an outdoor space with a large canopy included in the design to address the growing need for community events and communal outdoor space. This is also where the existing playground sits, which is the current focal point of the entire campus. Internally, the space was designed to house services including social services and childcare.  In addition, a computer lab/library, activities/community room, clothing donation center, and a residential food pantry were housed to accommodate the needs of residents.

To achieve the goals of the owner, adjustments were made to specific design challenges.  As an example, each level of the 4-story residential wing of the building is equipped with a large communal space that, while open and inviting, still provides the security needed for a safe family environment. In addition, each residential level has access to laundry facilities and an office for support meetings. Special attention was given to designing each space, both living and community with ample daylight and furnished with finishes that help create a sense of home rather than a facility.


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  • Project Address:

    2799 Health Center Drive, San Diego

    Project Owner/Developer:

    The Salvation Army

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Pamela Davis /

    Project Architect/Designer:

    M.W. Steele Group

    Image Credit:

    M.W. Steele Group & TSA Construction

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