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Pine Avenue Park and Community Garden

Pine Avenue Park is a well-used community hub located just south of Carlsbad Village along Harding Avenue in Carlsbad’s Barrio neighborhood. The existing park includes a senior center, parks and recreation offices, basketball courts and play fields, a community stage, picnic and lawn areas. Key entries are punctuated with a series of mosaic tiled sculptures depicting flower species historically grown as part of Carlsbad’s floriculture industry. Underlying the park’s formal organization is the idea of overlaying the orthogonal agricultural geometries on the more organic and flowing forms of the coastal bluff.

As part of the completion of the Pine Avenue Park master plan, two new park features have been designed including a multi-generational community center at the northeast corner of the site and ornamental and community gardens at the southwest corner. The Pine Avenue Park Community Garden offers 42 raised-bed plots (including ADA beds) for lease and includes a shade structure, composting area and central gathering space for teaching and inter-generational gardening activities. In this time of COVID-19, the community garden has remained active and important for Carlsbad’s avid gardeners.

The city’s three community gardens currently have a waiting list of over 200 people desiring space for this kind of activity. Although this is the newest community garden in Carlsbad, the community has really taken ownership of the space. This particular layout with raised beds are a welcomed improvement to many gardeners, especially for those requiring ease of accessibility and function. Surrounding the enclosed garden, the park offers lush native and drought tolerant ornamental gardens with public art, game and picnic tables, a lawn for free play, and calming water feature.  The park and gardens blend with the surrounding residential community and offer an extension of outdoor space to their small lot sizes. This improved community asset that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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  • Project Address:

    755 Chestnut Ave., Carlsbad

    Project Owner/Developer:

    City of Carlsbad

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Barbara Kennedy, Parks & Recreation, Associate Planner, City of Carlsbad /

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Spurlock Landscape Architects

    Image Credit:

    Emily Dowgiallo

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