Pasaje, Picadillo Folklorico and El Movimiento

Einar and Jamex de la Torre, who are brothers and artistic collaborators, created two distinct, site-specific installations for the San Ysidro Branch Library – one for the interior of the library and another for the building’s exterior. The work of the de la Torre brothers is based on their Mexican-American bi-cultural experiences, and is recognized for their assemblage style of art making.  Their work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

The interior artwork, Pasaje, consists of an archway which serves as both a literal and symbolic entrance to the library. The columns of the archway are wrapped with colorful, illuminated lenticular prints drawing on themes related to San Ysidro, architecture, and the library as a source of knowledge. These densely layered and highly dynamic lenticular images produce the illusion of depth and change when viewed from different angles. Sitting atop the columns is a cantera stone lintel inspired by both Spanish colonial and Mesoamerican architectural motifs.

The exterior artwork is comprised of two large metal screens affixed to the north and west facades of the library: Picadillo Folklorico and El Movimiento. The screens, inspired by the Mexican folk art of paper-cutting and traditional Moorish screens, complement the motifs explored on the archway. Perforated with intricate patterns, the screens create a captivating interplay between light and shadow. At night, these screens are lit from behind to give the work a dramatic evening presence.

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    San Ysidro Library: 4235 Beyer Blvd., San Ysidro

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    City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

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    City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture / christinej@sandiego.gov

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    Project Artist: de la Torre Brothers

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    John Durant


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