One Paseo

One Paseo is a coast-meets-country curated mixed-use development project located on a 23-acre lot in Carmel Valley, just a short drive to the beaches of Del Mar. Complete with open, public plazas that join 96,000 square feet of shops and restaurants, 608 multi-family luxury apartments, and 286,000 square feet of class-A office, One Paseo represents a new vision for retail as well as how people work, live and play. One Paseo is a community gathering, go-to destination for all walks of life. The final aspect of the project, One Paseo’s office space, was completed in mid 2020.

With open walkways, chic barn structures, state of the art amenities and elevated materials One Paseo combines high-design with a country-coastal vibe to create an inviting and eclectic gathering space. Centered around the use of paseos, courtyards, and plazas the project aims to create a series of connected pedestrian experiences throughout the retail, residential, and office spaces. Variously sized buildings are combined with a layered use of landscape to create a varied character. Sought after interior designers including, Bells & Whistles have been tapped to create memorable brick-and-mortar locations, while master plan architect 5+ Design has created a flow between distinct areas of the property including The Yard, The Play Room, The Meadow and The Dining Room. Art also plays a major role in One Paseo’s design. One of the central design elements is a public art installation commissioned by nationally-acclaimed artist Evan Shively. The unique reclaimed wood sculpture serves as a focal point for the project, and will be accompanied by functional wood elements that the general public can interact with.

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    3725 Paseo Place, San Diego

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    Kilroy Realty

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    Kilroy Realty,

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    5+ Design

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