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When the team behind some of San Diego’s most pioneering bars and restaurants, CH Projects, needed to overhaul the look and feel of their original, and nearly 13 year old gastro pub concept, Neighborhood, they turned to Home Studios, the sought after Brooklyn-based design firm. Partnering with the hospitality team to create an elevated beer experience with high-design, including a Hi-Fi wall, vinyl library, and vintage sound system, the results are like a rich European dreamscape, dripping with golden and pastel hues. But the team didn’t stop there. Neighborhood was always home to speakeasy cocktail bar Noble Experiment, but the redesign of Neighborhood brought the idea of entirely new bar, within the bar, within the bar known as Young Blood. This new cocktail concept was also designed by Home Studios, and feels like a transportive jewel box dancing with gold and light.

Neighborhood features a wrap-around bar with marbled resin tap handles, large scale paneled mirrors, and custom speaker boxes for the sound system. Wood, brass and leather tables anchor the seating around the perimeter, along with onyx, metal, leather and burled wood tables. To light the space, custom light fixtures are incorporated throughout featuring brass, fluted glass, milk glass, leather, brass chain and neon.

Young Blood is lit by a nearly seventeen foot long brass, glass, and neon tiered chandeliers and two seven feet six inch tall glowing resin caryatid sculptures, along with velvet and brass table lamps and, brass and resin face sconces creating a golden glow. The back bar features tinted mirror moon art, while a brass and leather ladder allow bartenders to climb for exclusive and rare spirits. The intimate space includes round porthole tinted mirrors, mirrored upholstered swivel chairs and mirrored tables.

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    777 G Street, San Diego

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    CH Projects

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    CH Projects,

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    Home Studios

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    Arlene Ibarra

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