Makers Quarter Block D, downtown East Village

Makers Quarter is both a place and a collective ethos inspired by the Maker Movement, which provides a creative environment to inspire entrepreneurs and artists to challenge convention and achieve new heights in innovation. This five-block development in downtown San Diego will become a community with the conscious development of lifestyle, residential, and business properties, designed to reflect the artistic integrity of the neighborhood.

Makers Quarter Block D is a six-story, collaborative office hub in the heart of the development. With retail and restaurant suites on the ground floor, the building has been designed for street level activation and to encourage interaction from the surrounding community. Targeting LEED Platinum + Zero Net Energy for the office suites, highly flexible office suites utilize natural ventilation and daylighting through the use of operable windows and garage doors on each level. An exposed concrete frame integrates with the natural ventilation systems to utilize a night purge of thermal mass for passive cooling during the day.  Exterior stairs and collaboration balconies deploy active building design and promote interactions among the tenants.

A high performance facade utilizes two active shading systems that enhance daylighting, reduce glare and reduce solar heat gain. The motorized facade on the south and west facades utilizes an exterior shade system which tilts and retracts based on the sun angle throughout the year. The dynamic perforated sliding panels on the western facade allow for the occupants to control their interior shading for their workspace with this tactile system. The photovoltaic roof-mounted system is expressed as a cantilever over the sidewalk and utilizes a bi-facial PV panel which generates energy on the top and bottom surfaces to optimize performance.

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    845 15th Street, San Diego CA 92101

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    Mary Pampuch

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    bnim architects

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