Lofts on Laurel

This project seems to have forgotten that it was on one of the main intersections of Bankers Hill.  The view from the intersection to this building is terrible, just a view up a roof with a bunch of plumbing and mechanical vents.  How is that the proper way to address the neighborhood?

As you come south down 1st ave, it is the first thing you see.  The views coming up 1st aren’t much better, with a rather plain entry and gate, and a big box grafted onto the old building.  Driving along this project on Laurel is equally as bland, just a long low set of inset balconies in a beige colored wall. The massing viewed from the parking lot is… okay.

If this is what gets built through “adaptive reuse” projects that try to incorporate old structures, I don’t blame residents for landmarking every other house on the block to try and keep new development out.  Total miss for such a busy corner.

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