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Little Italy Food Hall

The owner and piazza developer wanted to create a vibrant, community-oriented experience inspired by the unique history of Little Italy. From that the new social dining concept for the Little Italy neighborhood was born. The unique Food Hall enhances the Piazza della Famiglia, the only pedestrian street in Little Italy.

Designed as a launchpad for over 7 start-up chefs to kick-start their businesses, without the costly build-out of a brick and mortar, the team leveraged existing finishes and new architectural forms to weave together architecture, graphics, and brand. The exposure of mechanical systems and the use of simple materials and forms serve as a backdrop for vendors to brand themselves and establish priority, both visually and economically.

Maritime inspired details and materials such as the stained wood plank bar front, metal mesh overhead branding armatures, sailboat themed vendor fronts, and seven unique vendor logo signs brought together several local fabricators and artists. Design elements like the riveted metal bar fronts and framed photo montage wall featuring the history of immigrant families of tuna fisherman, to the custom Italian bar truck serving the Piazza crowd, the materials, colors, and fixtures subtly nod to the community’s rich maritime history and enhance the vibrancy of the Food Hall and neighborhood plaza.

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    550 West Date St. Suite B, San Diego

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    H.G. Fenton Company, Grain & Grit Collective

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    H.G. Fenton Company; Grain & Grit Collective, Mike DiNorscia, Jon Gordon

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