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John Adams Elementary/Global Visions Academy

The landscape improvements to John Adams Elementary strengthen the social, environmental, and aesthetic qualities of the campus and its connection to the Normal Heights community. The vibrant colors reflect the full spectrum of educational, social, and civic ambitions ingrained in the school’s mission. Within the campus, turf mounding and seat walls create numerous opportunities for outdoor education and socialization. Edible gardens support hands-on educational experiences for students and teachers, reinforcing the importance of nutrition. Separate and shared playgrounds for the preschool, kindergarten, and upper grade students ensure the environment evolves alongside students, engaging them in moments of anticipation, discovery, and reflection throughout their elementary experience.

The charter school incorporates similar design elements, including student garden spaces to foster curiosity, discovery, and hands-on activities. Both schools enjoy the added amenities of the joint-use community park populated with stimulating sensory elements alongside traditional play to promote growth and foster imaginative play. The use of street trees and creative storm water management within the campus ensure the site is thoughtful of the surrounding community while minimizing the campus’s environmental footprint.

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  • Project Address:

    4672 35th St., San Diego

    Project Owner/Developer:

    San Diego Unified School District

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Dana Peterson /

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Landscape Architect - Schmidt Design Group / Architect - obr ARCHITECTURE

    Image Credit:

    Devon Boutte, Schmidt Design Group

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