Historic Preservation

Historic Building 158, Naval Base Point Loma

Built in 1908 by the Army Quartermaster Corps, the structure is the only brick building example on Naval Base Point Loma. It was originally used as the Post Exchange and Gymnasium.

The project included renovating Building 158 into a two-story space with a basement suitable for administration services and training. Walls were constructed throughout all three floors to enclose offices, interview rooms, an evidence room, locker rooms, storage areas, and classrooms. The building was also brought up to ADA compliance.

The building’s original wooden trusses which were hidden for over 100 years remain exposed on the second floor, reminding occupants of the building’s age and history. The project makes new use of a historic structure, adding functionality to the military base while respecting the history of Naval Base Point Loma.

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    140 Sylvester Road, San Diego

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    Architect: Delawie, IS Architecture/ GC (Design-Build): Barnhart-Reese Construction Inc.

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    Stephen Whalen

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