Eitol Towers

Eitol is not just a building, it’s a lifestyle – a statement that we are here and we demand to be recognized.
Eitol is an extension of the Hillcrest culture acting as landmark for way finding, community engagement and personal enjoyment.
Eitol asks you to get beyond our exterior skin and explore the many layers that make people and architecture more engaging, Inspiring and rewarding.
The street level restaurant InsideOUT is perfectly named for its physical and metaphorical indoor/outdoor sultry lounge design.

We are the artists, drama geeks, band members, math nerds, designers.
We are the quiet thinkers who have been bullied and picked on for looking, dressing or acting different.
Eitol is a culmination of decades of work to prove to everyone along the way that it can be done.
We are important too.
It’s the next step towards real equality and acceptance.
Our glass walls let you see in at night where we once hid in black boxes out of sight for safety.

The first space designed was the street level restaurant insideOUT – a place to give life to the street, for all to gather and mingle, to be inspired and proud of who you are.
All are welcome here.
University Avenue has full respect with an ALL-GLASS facade that makes the towers “float” above the active restaurant below.
They create a protective circle around the urban oasis courtyard with big windows offering voyeuristic views into and out of the living spaces.
With a makeup of lofts and flats in several unique layouts one can find their place here in all socio-economic situations including very-low income affordable units.
Each tower hosts a live/work space, one bedroom flat and a variety of two bedroom penthouse lofts.
You will get to know your neighbor here with a very “Melrose Place” focused central exterior circulation.

Yes we knew the skin would do that – the material has a movement to it making some people uneasy with its appearance.
This project challenges our inclination to demand perfection.
Many of us have superficial flaws that are quickly judged without merit, it’s only once you get to know someone on the inside that we can move into a place of love and support.
If you stop at the first layer you are missing the point.
Take a minute. Pay attention to the details. Everything has a reason.

Eitol purposely pushes you out of your comfort zone. We want you to feel something.
Our built environment has become so vanilla and “safe” because only the negative comments are focused on in making design decisions.
Regular developers are afraid of trying new things, instead reproducing a fake “Mission Valley” look because it’s no risk and familiar.

So please – don’t just drive by judging, we invite you – step inside, get to know us – from the insideOUT.

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    1642 University Ave., San Diego

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    FoundationForForm Architecture & Design

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    mike burnett

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    mike burnett

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