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Inspired by a “vertical community” concept, we envisioned elegant interiors that bring residential and retail tenants together seamlessly, with public and private spaces complementing one another in a harmonious way. The building common areas, leasing, and amenities also play into this lifestyle-forward concept by being open and fluid within the mix of retail and shared common areas.

The organic, large-scale work of artists like Richard Serra influenced our design for Diega’s bold, undulating, sculptural steel walls, balanced by 21 feet of vertical wood accents throughout the ground level.  It was important to use natural materials for an honest aesthetic and balance of warm and cool materials. Exposed concrete, wood, steel, and stone accents lend a biophilic touch to the interior spaces.

The unique lobby in the building’s South Tower is imagined as an urban forest that also operates as a multifunctional area for residents to utilize for coworking, social gatherings, lounging, and more. We collaborated with design, build, and fabrication studio BASILE Studio to bring our vision for this one-of-a-kind, interactive art installation to life. Mechatronic “trees” fill the spacious lobby, adding a playful element that showcases the possibilities of technology, engineering, and design – they react to sound, swaying and subtly changing color as a true living forest does. Custom-designed modular furniture in neutral tones and natural materials create an inviting space for relaxation, with abstract calligraphic artwork by San Diego artist Austen Segal adorning three 20-foot tall reinforced concrete columns to offer a fresh interpretation of an “urban forest.”

An expansive 10,000sf amenity deck covers the entire 7th floor of the South Tower, and includes a luxury fitness center, kitchen, social room, outdoor grilling area, co-working space, pool, and spa. A center promenade and greenspace delineates distinct spaces, while offering a contrast to the bustle of the surrounding downtown transit. We designed the custom furniture elements to be a welcoming place for residents to unwind, and offer a high-quality luxury condo experience.

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  • Project Address:

    702 Broadway, San Diego

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Bosa Development

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    Bemi Jauhal

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Jules Wilson Design Studio

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    Zack Benson Photography

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