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Chula Vista Public Library South Branch

Chula Vista is lucky enough to have a library designed by the famed Ricardo Legorreta. The south branch of the Chula Vista Library is one of only two Legoretta buildings in San Diego County, and the only one which is open to the public. After it was completed in 1995, the library won the Grand Orchid in addition to numerous other awards.

“The architecture speaks to its coastal desert setting and the brilliant sun… Solid walls, recessed windows and courtyards refer to ancient Mayan monuments and Spanish Colonial houses… the crisp, bold volumes and shapes that cast sharp shadows as the sun moves across the sky. Legorreta also takes care to embrace the natural setting, creating decorative gardens of cactus and other native plants and incorporating fountains, to make the library an inviting oasis inside and out.” -Union-Tribune

Now the city of Chula Vista has taken this treasure and blocked the entire south facade of the building with solar panels. It is a travesty that this building has been disrespected in this way. There are plenty of other city-owned spaces where solar panels could have been installed. South Bay residents have long had to deal with sub-par architecture; it is insulting when one of our few significant buildings becomes marred and the city should be ashamed to think of what Mr. Legorreta would have thought if he could see his building now.

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    Onion Nominee

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    389 Orange Ave., Chula Vista

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    City of Chula Vista

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    Legorreta + Legorreta


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