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Chula Vista Public Library Civic Center Branch

Officially opened in July of 1976 for the bicentennial, the civic center branch of the Chula Vista Public Library is a unique building. a time capsule to forty decades in the past. Its sharp geometric style is daring and bold, yet often overloooked as insignificant. Unfortunately, the City of Chula Vista seems to agree; they have allowed the building to become neglected to the point where both the interior and the exterior are crumbling.

The stucco is in a shambles, the iconic curved under-counter areas are now torn and threadbare. This library used to be grand; now it is gross and sad. The city has now decided to add an outdoor terrace on the north side of the building; great idea, but they have selected a style that clashes with the rest of the building and seems to be meant as a band-aid to cover up the original architecture. Band-aiding a current fad to hide neglect is never a wise use of funds and usually signals the first step in the eventual complete desecration of a building. An onion is warranted.

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    365 F Street, Chula Vista

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    City of Chula Vista

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