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Camino del Mar Streetscape

The Camino del Mar Downtown Streetscape project supports over three decades of planning goals set by the city and citizens of Del Mar. In particular, the project supports Del Mar’s Climate Action Plan, Complete Streets/Green Streets Policy and recently completed Downtown Design Guidelines.  By reducing vehicle miles traveled through increased bike and pedestrian trips and supporting infrastructure for electric vehicles, the project will assist in achieving green house gas reduction by 2035.  Street trees are an integral part of the streetscape design; they help sequester greenhouse gases and contribute to the growth of the city’s urban forest, but also support the scale of the village and provide shade and respite for pedestrians.

Improvements to pedestrian safety and mobility are achieved through widening and creating new ADA accessible sidewalks and crosswalks throughout the entire downtown corridor. The project includes bulb-outs, pedestrian refuge areas in the median, a mid-block crossing, and crosswalks at all intersections. Vehicular travel lanes were reduced to 10 feet wide to allow for traffic calming and reduction of vehicular speeds.

Citizens and visitors to Del Mar enjoy better and safer bike lanes and pedestrian crossings as a part of the completed project. Refreshed planting and paving materials, wider sidewalks for meandering and cafes along with comfortable street furniture and statement lighting enhance the district’s arrival experience as well as the economic viability of the businesses in the corridor.

The city has also implemented a public art committee and is beginning to implement public art throughout the corridor, an idea documented in the streetscape master plan.  The project has been well received by the community since its opening; private reinvestment is returning with several new applications for retail and mixed-use developments underway since the project started.

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  • Project Address:

    Del Mar Village, Del Mar’s downtown district, bounded by 9th Street at the south and Plaza Drive at the north

    Project Owner/Developer:

    City of Del Mar

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Mohsen Maali, Public Works Deputy Director/

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Spurlock Landscape Architects

    Image Credit:

    City of Del Mar and Emily Dowgiallo

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