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Broadstone Makers Quarter Residences

Broadstone Maker’s Quarter provides new housing in the downtown “Maker’s Quarter” arts district. Michelle Harrison Design’s creations for the spaces in this building reflect the artistic style of a hip, young crowd that seeks quality and innovation.

The juxtaposition of pieces really make this design stand out. The color palette is natural yet vibrant, with browns, tans, mustard and jewel tones. The fabrics and decor have a rich organic feel, and the gold accents and geometric patterns speak to human craft.

The vibe is colorful, bohemian, and modern. The eclectic sensibly feels like a cozy spot that’s welcome to all, the perfect place to hang out with friends and collaborate. The designer has done a great job at capturing that young spirit of ingenuity.


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  • Project Address:

    1601 Broadway, San Diego

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    Michelle Harrison Design

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