BioLegend Campus

BioLegend envisioned a campus-like environment that would foster a sense of collaboration and dedication to the biotech company’s mission to enable Legendary Discovery. They also wanted to build a sense of community, with uniquely positioned indoor and outdoor amenities worthy of attracting and retaining the best talent.

The 8-acre campus design includes a complete overhaul of three out of four older buildings along Terman Court. One demolished building was replaced by the main campus building with an iconic 70-foot tall atrium as its focal point. From the atrium, BioLegend employees access the upper floor labs, offices, break rooms and conference rooms.

Delawie applied its understanding of the client’s process and workflow to form a building program that ultimately marries functional, flexible, and efficient lab space with inter-departmental collaboration. The placement of departments is deliberate and allows for productive workspaces –both creative office and private rooms for focused work.

Forward thinking sustainable strategies were introduced, including copious amounts of natural lighting through large windows and the atrium structure. An expansive green roof visually masks the presence of a 500-person multi-purpose room built off of the main building.

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    8999 Biolegend Way, San Diego

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    BioLegend, Inc.

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    Stephen Whalen/Alex Baltov


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