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Alila Marea Beach Resort

Alila Marea Beach Resort is a beautiful hotel with an outdoor restaurant and a pre-function terrace space located on the border between Encinitas and Carlsbad.  Nestled into the coastal bluff overlooking Ponto State Beach and Batiquitos Lagoon, the Alila Marea Beach Resort’s design is inspired by Encinitas’ natural landscape, as well as its vibrant surf and beach culture.

Architect Joseph Wong Design Associates and interior designer Mark Zeff designed the hotel to take inspiration from the unspoiled beauty of the coastline, using natural materials like stone and driftwood to craft an understated design.  The arrival experience is mannered by a sense of discovery, adorned with striated wood, steel, and glazing articulated over an organic concrete form.  As the hotel structure meanders gently along the coastal bluff, the building articulation provides interest and shadow relief along its form, following the contours of the site that allows for a seamless blend between building and the natural landscape.  The exterior massing is a rhythm of changing planes and roof elevations with substantial feature overhangs that break up the elongated building façade, while private and public indoor/outdoor spaces focus on framing the extraordinary views of the coast.

The interior blends with the exterior where exposed concrete, wood and steel are used throughout. The Alila Marea is designed so that its guestrooms, meeting space, and restaurant all take advantage of the stunning views.  The main feature stair provides an inviting path from the lobby to the meeting and restaurant spaces.  Overall, the architecture is understated; designed with the objective to create an artistic and distinctive luxury coastal resort in a stunning setting that offers comfortable elegance and a unique sense of place.

The Alila Marea is designed to introduce visitors and local residents to quiet coastal California, while also providing a public benefit in the form of community gathering and coastal access.  Locals are invited to utilize the public walkways to access Ponto Beach as well as the commanding views from the bluff overlook.  The coastal highway 101 biking community is able to take a break at the resort’s street side cafe.  The project is an asset to the neighboring community.

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  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    2100 North Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Fenway Capital Advisors / JMI Realty

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Joseph Wong Design Associates - Architecture; Mark Zeff – Interior Design

    Image Credit:

    James Brady, Brady Architectural Photography; Eric Liagnel, Eric Liagnel Photography; JMI Realty

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