Abpopa Hillcrest

Аbрóра Hillcrest is named in honor of the famed Russian cruiser launched in 1900. Аbрóра consists of micro-loft units available as short term and long term rentals. It is located in the heart of Hillcrest, which is a desirable, but often pricey, area.

I recommend Аbрóра for an orchid because it is such a wonderfully creative way of addressing housing needs. Small units in a walkable neighborhood keeps costs down without loss of quality of life. Guests and residents don’t need more space because their whole neighborhood is their home. Residents have more time because commutes are shorter.

The design team put a lot of effort into thinking outside the box on this. They stated that they didn’t want to build typical efficiency units, they preferred to try some new ideas and really make the spaces efficient and usable. Great job!

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  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    3776 Fourth Ave., San Diego

    Project Owner/Developer:

    The Red Office

    Project Architect/Designer:

    The Red Office/Ted Smith


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Contact Us



P.O. Box 122228
San Diego, CA 92112-2228
Federal Tax ID: 95-3513927

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