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White Sands La Jolla

Located right on the beach in La Jolla, the White Sands senior living community provides residents with panoramic views from almost every common area on the grounds. Being the only beachfront retirement community in the state of California, this landmark project comprised the complete renovation of the main lobby and ocean view lounge.

Other notable enhancements to the premises included the addition of an ocean-view bar perfect for tenants to have a drink accompanied by pristine views, as well as the construction of a new library with reading spaces and a bistro seating area. The precise and original design of the improvements to White Sands underscore the impressive craft of the already stellar senior living community.

Since its completion in November 2017, this newly renovated senior living community has already proven to be an incredible addition to La Jolla, as there are many stunning reviews and testimonials from current tenants who have been very pleased with the newest amenities that White Sands has to offer.

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  • Project Address:

    7450 Olivetas Ave.

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Human Good

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    Daniel Ogus

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Ewing Architects, Inc.

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