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Washman Car Wash

The Washman Car Wash is located at the gateway to the community of Bay Park at the intersection of Clairemont Drive and Denver Street, just east of I-5. It is a gaudy, ugly, and quirky development that is a visual blight on the community. The white box building that houses a 7 Eleven is jammed into the busy street corner with little attention to detail. The building elevation on Denver Street is particularly unattractive with no landscape buffering and utilities everywhere. Then the worst aspect of it all is the “Visqueen” inspired car wash rising into the sky next to Clairemont Drive. The disco club-like design does not match the style of the surrounding neighborhood and is despised by many neighbors. Then to top it off, at night the car wash lights up with multicolored changing lights like a disco club complete with thumping club music! Club music at a neighborhood car wash? This development is completely inappropriate for this important corner as it visually and audibly clashes with the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Onion Nominee

  • Project Address:

    2572 Clairemont Dr., San Diego, CA 92117

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Washman LLC & property owner Sunshine Finance Corp

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Washman LLC


  • tmmacara

    I admit my ignorance: What does, ““Visqueen” inspired” mean in this context? I searched for visqueen and only found references to a brand of polyethylene plastic sheeting and a pop music group.

  • Lisa Brackmann

    There could not be a more deserving Onion. The carwash is a neighborhood blight. If I were in the apartment complex next door, I’d sue.

  • Veronica

    And yet, it’s an *awesome* car wash! I’ve been a happy customer for several months now after a long search for a decent car wash. However, I do sympathize with those who hate it’s after-sundown antics. A suitable nominee, I suppose – just don’t shut down my car wash!!! lol

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