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Vertex, University City (UTC)

Alexandria, a developer Building the Future of Life Science,™ with their tenant Vertex, a Boston-based biotech company and LPA, an award-winning architecture firm, along with McCullough came together to create the vision set by established Vertex. The company wanted to create a sophisticated and attractive work environment to recruit and retain the most talented research scientists in the world. The goal was to allow employees and visitors a place to gather, connect and enjoy the natural beauty of the Torrey Pines habitat.

During early meetings with the clients, we discussed how best to connect people with nature—an ideal that is infused into our company’s vision. Drawing from our knowledge of the historic Torrey Pines area, a geological feature within the reserve, known as taphoni, gave us an abstract inspiration to design a landscape that resembles these naturally forming cavities. The McCullough team developed a theme around these unique formations, which is visible throughout the site. For those occupying the building, the juxtapostion between the taphoni forms and Vertex’s vision complete a story that opens the door for conversation and discovery around the science developing at the company.

A main focus for our designers was to connect the exterior with the interior spaces. In addition to utilizing natural elements as inspiration, careful selection of plant material was considered to recreate the Torrey Pines habitat in a way that felt safe, comfortable and provides a sense of calm and relaxation. Large spaces were designed for company-wide events, medium-sized spaces for smaller groups and many small intimate spaces for guests to sit, dream, read or contemplate their day.

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    9625 Towne Centre Drive

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    Alexandria Real Estate Equities

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    Steven Pomerenke /

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    LPA & McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc.

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