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Truax House Restoration/Leon at Laurel

Seeing red! A red onion for the restoration of the Truax House, a designated San Diego historical resource. The house was named after Dr. Brad Truax, an important LGBTQ+ community and political activist, and was the site of San Diego’s first AIDs hospice. The project was part of the sale of the land by the city to a developer, Nakhshab Development and Design Inc. (NDD), who undertook a historic analysis, and as part of the sale, agreed to restore the house, create a memorial to Dr. Truax, provide a community space, a garden, a possible link to Maple Canyon and affordable housing.

So what do we have now? A red mark on the landscape. Is it an “in your face” approach to remind you of the AIDs epidemic and blood red to remind you of an AIDs ribbon? Is it to say look here, remember what happened and never forget? I guess the devil is in the details. It certainly wasn’t the original color of the 1910 era house. Probably more craftsmen redwood. And what is its relationship to the black boxes next door, which impinge on the back side of the Truax House?

Is this the legacy of AIDS research and Dr. Truax?

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  • Project Address:

    2513/2515 Union Street, San Diego CA 92101

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Soheil Nakhshab

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    Soheil Nakhshab, Soheil@nddinc.net

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Nakhshab Development & Design Inc. (NDD)

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