The SHED on Jason Street, Leucadia

Designed and built by a local architect for his family and community, The SHED is a multifamily project that sits along the Highway 101 corridor in the coastal town of Leucadia.  The project is developed around a shared courtyard driveway that doubles as an outdoor gathering space – a unique feature in a small infill project.  The courtyard allows for casual interaction between residents and neighbors with opportunities for barbecues and summer movie nights.

Proximity to local businesses and restaurants and a small footprint helped the project achieve GreenPoint Rated Gold.  Large openings and vaulted wood ceilings emphasize a high quality of space in each living area.  Block walls with pumice aggregate and reclaimed wood siding add texture while shed roofs and polycarbonate panels recall the neighborhood’s greenhouse industry.  In a community of makers, a large bedroom on the ground floor of each unit gives residents the flexibility to set up a home office and do their work alongside their living activities.

These homes and outdoor spaces do double-time to help smaller spaces work harder and feel bigger.  The project seeks to use design on a small scale to better integrate much needed multifamily housing into an existing coastal neighborhood and help foster an already established community of people.

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    107 - 119 E. Jason St., Encinitas

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    Ryan Law / SHAPE BUILD INC

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