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October 26, 2017
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The Duke

The Duke is a unique multi-family home in the heart of Bankers Hill that blends curated modern design with beautiful views of the San Diego Bay and City skyline.

Nestled on the hillside adjacent Maple Canyon, the 4-story design is driven by the personal connection with nature. The architecture pushes outwards along the South and West with varying perches that achieve a balance of privacy and views at seventy-percent of the living spaces. Large glazing sections are complemented by charcoal corrugated steel siding, white framed plaster, and natural golden cedar to create a warm contrast of materials.

The common spaces create a sense of home with personal touches by local artists that include murals, large-scale photography and custom furniture. Details on the interior that truly set this space apart include volume space, open stairs, custom baltic birch casework and a variety of textures in the kitchens and baths. On a small 50×100 cul-de-sac lot, The Duke creates a fresh new form in Bankers Hill that energizes the community to do more with less.

  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    2535 Brant Street

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Forge Development

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Matt Bothwell/matt@bothwellinc.com

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Stephen Dalton Architect/Micklish Design Studio


Contact Us

Contact Us



P.O. Box 122228
San Diego, CA 92112-2228
Federal Tax ID: 95-3513927

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