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October 26, 2017
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Ten on Columbia

Ten on Columbia is a recently completed urban residency in the heart of downtown San Diego’s Little Italy District.  Located at the northwest corner of Columbia and Hawthorne Street, Ten on Columbia provides a modern spin of what an in-fill project can become on a 5,000 square foot lot in America’s finest city.  Ten on Columbia embraces spacious balconies and places its residents in the center of walkable amenities.  Being located on a street where approximately 28,000 cars pass it daily, InDev took a chance to break the monotony of our corporate development counterparts by taking in the surrounding environment and creating a truly unique building typology.

The slope of Ten on Columbia’s site provided a challenge to the venture but also the solution to the design by allowing InDev to tier the building over 5 floor plates in order to provide stunning views of San Diego Bay and the downtown cityscape from each unit.  The ten apartments range from 605 square feet up to 1350 square feet and includes private enclosed parking, expansive private patios and roof decks ranging from 118 square feet up to 285 square feet.  The four distinct floor plans are designed to emphasize the double height ceilings, open floor plans, and large picture windows that utilize natural light and cross ventilation from the ocean breeze.

Ten on Columbia’s façade is an InDev’s subtle introduction to the essence of San Diego Bay.  Often seen through the Hawthorn Street view corridor are numerous amounts of sailboats that capture the full force of the wind through its spinnaker sail.  It was this curvature of the sail that produced the design inspiration for Ten on Columbia’s radial facade.  This radius was also brought into the interior mezzanines of a few of the units for added continuity. Ten on Columbia ties itself into the context of the single family neighborhood by allowing its residents to step right out of their front door and directly into the urban community. The use of both familiar and unique materials on the building allowed InDev the opportunity to infuse and contrast the exterior.  The smooth stucco finishes and sleek black anodized aluminum panels capture the allure of modern architecture.  This is complimented with the select cypress horizontal wall cladding on the exterior and was purposefully meant to accentuate its more natural texture.  The repetition of building planes and materiality allowed for a successful in-fill residency that promotes San Diego’s outdoor living, energy efficiency and sustainable urban density.



  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    2104 Columbia St. San Diego, Ca 92101

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Indev: Invest+Develop, Canter Development, Legacy Real Estate Ventures

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    InDev: Invest+Develop/Matt@indev-sd.com

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Zac Stover, InDev+Design, Inc.


  • Andrea Birch

    The wood facade is gorgeous! This project really brings life to the busy corner of Hawthorne and Columbia. Love it!

  • Jenna

    Ten on Columbia is truly a gem of the neighborhood now… The design really takes advantage of those incredible views!

  • Lauren Lucas

    One of the best designs in Little Italy!

  • Sidnev Muldrow

    Such a cool building and it fits perfect with the style and feel of Little Italy. I love driving into Little Italy off of Hawthorne and seeing this staple architecture on the corner.

  • Brittany Cavallo

    Love the views that these floor plans offer as well as the overall design!

  • Frank Caruso

    A perfect fit for Little Italy! Quality finishes and floor plans. The exterior design is definitely a focal point of the area that benefits all that surround it. Great work!

  • Gabe Stover

    Excellent addition to Little Italy. Nothing else features the mix of monochromatic hard lines and textures, with smooth, organic, warm woods.

  • Maggie Cass

    Ten on Columbia has such great curb appeal – warm and welcoming, while at the same time clean and modern. There are sure some lucky tenants who get to take advantage of the views and open floor plans.

  • Chris Giganti

    If it were legal to marry an architectural structure, I’d marry Ten on Columbia and have its concrete babies.

  • Jeffrey Jones

    Outstanding design! It doesn’t get much better! <3

  • Stephanie Gamulin

    Love everything about this project from the design & look to the people that made this possible!

  • Chris Martin

    BEAUTIFUL! Great work!

  • Josh San Julian

    What a great addition to the Little Italy neighborhood. Amazing design and beautifully crafted. Congrats on the nomination.

  • Billy Kribbs

    I’m thrilled to see this building is being recognized by the foundation. It’s easily the crown jewel of Little Italy, and seems to define a new identity for this pocket of the neighborhood. No surprise it was featured in a Wall Street Journal write-up about San Diego real estate.

  • Heather Setter

    Stunning architecture with beautiful views!

  • Pat Setter

    Very happy to see artful, thought provoking, inspired architecture from young builders who are recreating some of San Diego’s treasured neighborhoods. This is redevelopment done right!
    Pat Setter
    SDUT New Homes

  • Migs Miguel

    Such a beautiful addition to the area. I always drive by when on my way to the airport and love seeing how beautiful this building looks!

  • Bonnie D. Moore

    The creative, intelligent minds of InDev that approached the challenging venue that blossomed into “Ten on Columbia,” the pristine, provocative, avant~garde and innovative configuration that is destined to withstand the ever changing demands of architechual design, more than deserve the prestigious Orchid Award, they also deserve to be gold~plated! Excellent work! Congratulations!!!

  • Kent Kellough

    I love the clean and distinctive lines of the architecture of this beautiful new addition to Little Italy. This nomination is very well deserved.

  • Nick Clayton

    It is wonderful to see San Diego natives take pride in beautifying historical regions of America’s
    Finest City. I for one am looking forward to the future of InDev, not only from
    a design and architecture standpoint but as a representative of San Diego’s local

  • Norman Clayton

    Beautiful building. We have enjoyed working with InDev over the past year. Quality company. Quality designer and builder.

  • Joe Graves

    A great example of making a meaningful splash in the community. The beautiful building not only creates an amazing place for the building’s residents, but will also help create and push the community to new heights in terms of architectural excellence and responsible living.

  • Matthew Nosse

    Just another example of InDev’s creative work to make a great community even better. Love the work and Design.

  • Mandy L

    Such a stunning building! I’m delighted to see this project getting proper recognition. It’s added so much beauty to an already gorgeous part of the city.

  • Katie

    What an amazing project! Your creativity and architectural excellence really shines through.

  • Allen B.

    Love this building, it really ties in the bay and coastal environment into the urban landscape. The detail and materiality of the curved wood facade creates an aesthetic that is truly one of a kind.

  • Daniel Bertram

    I have lived in Little Italy for almost 20 years. This is one of my all-time favorite projects. I love the design, especially the wood accents – it has an amazing elegant aesthetic. Fantastic!

  • Roll

    I’ve been a Little Italy resident for over six years. Watching the gentrification over the years has been amazing to watch. Ten on Columbia is an excellent representation of the type of community the neighborhood is becoming. Attracting professionals, family’s, businesses, and top quality architecture. Well done Indev!

  • Dorothy Pecoraro Bertram

    Such a beautiful building! It fits so perfectly into the Little Italy vibe and culture. Definitely sets the standard in the neighborhood and I hope other developers take note: this is the type of project we want to see!

  • Humam

    I absolutely love the look of this building. It’s has clean smooth lines and a modern appeal. I think the have done a remarkable job in itergrating ut to its surrounding.
    Well done.

  • Bobby Wolfe

    Wow!!! What a spectacular property!! I walk by this place all the time. Its a beautiful piece of architecture.

  • Jan Stover

    My husband and I were standing in front of Ten on Columbia and heard a couple admiring the building’s overall design and unique use of materials. We engaged them in conversation and learned they were in the process of moving to the area. They proceeded to tell us it was the eye-catching architecture of the project that offered a sampling of San Diego, specifically Little Italy, that resonated with them. What a wonderful unsolicited review of InDev’s work!

  • Kelli

    Beautiful property with amazing views!

  • Ashley Johnson

    Absolutely amazing!

  • Karen Wolfe

    I was lucky enough to get a tour of this beautiful property when it was newly completed and was just in awe over the design, the views, and the meticulous attention to detail that was put into every aspect of this project from start to finish. The exterior is also stunning and really grabs your attention. Just gorgeous!

  • William

    With Ten on Colombia, Matt and Zac have created a structure that boldly states and reaffirms San Diego’s architectural and design prowess. The building, especially with it’s sexy bamboo skin and minimalism, is an embodiment of poshness which gives it’s residents bragging rights upon his or her return home. It is a structural landmark reflecting a vibrant 21st-century socio-economic optimism in the Little Italy community of San Diego. Bravo gentlemen!!

  • Adriana Beringer

    Hawthorne is looking more beautiful after Ten On Colombia was developed. I drive or walk by everyday, always makes me feel so good when I see it. Great arquitectural. Minimal, yet sofisticated. Bravo and kudos!

  • Matt Scharkozy

    This is definitely one of the sexiest buildings downtown and being located in the best neighborhood only amplifies how desirable these units are. I watched this from start to finish living near by. Incredible finished product. I would love to see InDev continue to improve downtown with more projects like this. Great job.

  • Mark Norton

    Architecturally Brilliant. Thoughtfully Designed. Truly Compliments Little Italy’s New Hip Vibe. A Very Well Deserved Nomination. Other Developers Should Take Note.

  • Bridget Bartholomew

    You guys deserve this! Not only did you put your heart in building this, you made it sleek, modern and efficient. Nice work!!

  • Lucija Jukic

    Beautiful project… I love the idea of a modern version with wood as the main material. It looks sophisticated, elegant and yet powerful.
    You made a home and home is where the heart is. Congrats to all, great job !!!

  • Beatrice Gajewski

    Magnificent project with design elements that exemplify San Diego’s progressive future. Ten on Columbine well deserving of the Orchid Award.

  • Con G

    Stunning!, one of the best in San Diego and the perfect introduction to the City as you drive down into Little Italy.

  • duckduckgoose

    Killer ocular entertainment. Stella Artois said it best, “She is a thing of beauty.”

  • Vinnie Toscan

    Matt and Zac really hit it out of the park with Ten on Columbia! Such an amazing project – well deserved recognition!

  • Derek

    I was finally able to see this last weekend in person and it is beautiful. Awesome, awesome job Indev. You are starting to really transform Little Italy with your vision and architecture.

  • dane

    Top Notch Work from Indev. Building its beautiful and I love the wood siding/panels and inset roof fascia.

  • Sandy pujji

    This marvelous work of architecture is so eye catching. It enhances the drive experience thru little Italy. The building is fast becoming an icon for the area.
    The architect has done an amazing job of giving each unit its own independent entrance from the street. And the units are designed in a very cool and trendy way.

  • Joe M

    Congratulations on
    the nomination, Matt and Zac. I continue
    to be impressed with InDev’s hard work, business savvy, creativity and passion
    for your projects !

  • Chris Vertrees

    One of the most beautiful architectural projects in Little Italy. The design showcases the spirit of Little Italy – Welcoming, sophisticated, open and modern. This project significantly enhances the property values in the area.

  • Lam T Nguyen

    Taking a moment to comment

  • Shaun Hillion

    Amazing piece of architecture. Beautiful open floor plan with a modern design. Loving the tall ceilings with lots of natural light. Captures your attention walking down the street. Adding so much to the neighborhood. I want these guys to design my place.

  • Arabella Sujecka

    I had the pleasure to see this project unfold from the ground up and I’m truly impressed seeing it all come together. Not only is this development an amazing design it is gorgeous inside and out. Fully deserves to win!

  • Bill K.

    Cool project! Like the blend of exterior finishes. Also like the open design of the units. Good job!

  • Joshua Sandrock

    Love the look, materials, use of space. How each unit is offset relative to the streets incline is just awesome.

  • Johan B.

    I pass by this building just about every day, and it has significantly improved the image of little Italy for the better. The pronounced curved wood facade shadowed by the black aluminum and with an accent of white stucco really plays well together and gives the building a really warm feeling. Bravo.

  • Jane T

    Truly amazing. It’s an expierance, the beauty takes you to an entierely new world of imagination in architecture

  • Olivia

    a true compliment to the neighborhood. Amazingly breath taking, a new face for the neighborhood. This building gives light to an entire new era for this entire area.

  • H. Chen

    This project is beautiful! It looks like it would be a great addition to any neighborhood! I love the spacing especially!

  • Scott Walker

    I was truly inspired after visiting the completed project. The creative layout of each unit give them a much larger feel. Finish materials used are modern, stylish and efficient and the overall architectural design make this project a gem in Little Italy. Ten on Columbia will be setting the trend for future redevelopment in the downtown area.

  • Maximus

    This is a brilliant project in all aspects. It was stunning from inception; I always loved driving by it every morning. The building definitely adds a lot to the community. I’d like to see more projects from the owners/developers for future projects.

  • Julie H.

    I’m in love with this design inside and out.
    I was visually allured to this modest piece of work instantly with its use of mixed material and sleek lines.

    InDev really has a knack for utilizing natural elements to their benefit, as in the case of the privacy panels created at each entrance that subtlety blend the sloping foundation, for example. Also with high reaching ceilings and panoramic views; whether you’re outside looking up or inside looking out, this design exudes spaciousness.
    Whilst mingling quite nicely amongst the locale-fancy, yet simple; portraying a quiet confidence-I would be thrilled to host an intimate shindig here. My favorite component is the illusion of infinite space that is created with the roofless rooftop patio and accompanying paneless windows.

    I can’t express with words- InDev just struck the perfect balance that literally ties heaven and earth.

  • Mustang Sally

    With InDev, the skys the limit!!!

  • Joseph H.

    I had lived in Little Italy for the last 5 years prior to this magnificence being built and would have never imagined that corner lot being turned into such an efficient master piece.

    InDev took what was an eye sore of a lot and made it a corner piece to admire. On the inside, the efficiency of the space is what makes it a desirable place to own and live. The architectural design fits perfectly with the look and feel of what Little Italy is becoming and is presently. Well done InDev, keep up the outstanding work.

  • Jean Paul Schwarz

    From a designers standpoint, the building redefined, exceeds and surpasses the existing architectural landscape of Little Italy. Ten on Columbia design stands up at first glance, it has changed the visual impact of the Little Italy community with the majestic ensemble of materials and design. Matt and Zach have turned a simple visual task into a 21st century and beyond design.

    InDev has proven that they have a profound skill-set and knowledge base in the architecture, design, landscape and real estate of San Diego.

  • Lawrence Dy

    This is an architectural beauty and a welcomed contribution to the San Diego design landscape! We need more of this type of design in town and I’m thrilled that a company like InDev is developing projects like this. The tasteful choice of materials, brilliant floor plans, and thoughtfully considered lines make this a stunning project. Every time I see Ten on Columbia, I get excited about the future of San Diego architecture and design and this is a sentiment many of my associates share. They are very deserving of the Orchid and I hope that this is just the first of many Orchids for this team. Great work and I look forward to seeing future projects from this industry leading developer!

  • ynaffit

    What beautiful addition to downtown San Diego! A modern space in a historical location, trendy features with an amazing view, and an eye-catching design that highlights the beauty of downtown living! This just makes me want to move back to San Diego!

  • Andrew Towne

    Love the wood siding and scale. Well done

  • Jeffrey Jones


  • Barbara Buckland

    Functional, livable, and visual works of architectural art. Quite a stunning combination, Bravo!

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