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Sunset Plaza Ocean Beach

This project is an ugly, ill-advised eyesore besmirching the otherwise beautiful entrance to Ocean Beach. What could have been a thoughtfully designed, 2-story retail building, sensitively planned to invite pedestrians, instead we get this brown piece of garbage. OB is not PB and the sleepy beach town eschews chain restaurants and careless, anonymous structures, such as this one. From the horrible stonework slapped on the side of the building to the fake balconies and hideous painted palm trees, this project gets it all wrong. This “miss” detracts from the newly renovated entrance to this unique and special beach town in San Diego. It is clear the architect did not bother to understand Ocean Beach at all. Too bad the owner didn’t hire OB-based Hanna Gabriel Wells – architect for the award-winning People’s Organic Co-op, located kitty corner from this site – to see how commercial retail is done right. A big, fat, sticky onion for this atrocity.

  • Project Awarded

    Onion Nominee

  • Project Address:

    2204 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92107

    Project Owner/Developer:

    c/o Voit Real Estate Services -Mark Caston (Owner's Rep)

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Mark Caston: (858) 247-3644 x723 mcaston@voitco.com

    Project Architect/Designer:



  • Kevin

    Thanks for shitting on PB in your post! That’s the spirit of Orchids and Onions!

    • Obecian

      Thanks for keeping things above board and PG-rated; you really have shown your true colors. for the record, the reference more has to do with the community planning guidelines in PB versus OB and speaks to the fact that Obecians work hard to prevent new buildings that might detract from both the character and built environment of the community. Case in point would be above.

      • Kevin

        The building is worthy of the nomination, if only for those palm tree sunset murals and fake balconies. Those are just ridiculous. Drawing a comparison to PB for a cheap rhetorical point wasn’t needed. Some Obecians never grow tired of pulling out their favorite whipping boy to the north when they want to do some bragging. The building contains a local business (Plant Power Food only has one location to my knowledge), and it is across the street from a Jack in the Box and a Shell station; I am unmoved by your community planning guidelines argument.

        It is not germane, but “sh*t” is acceptable in PG movies. I apologize to those offended my profane language. Had I the opportunity to edit it, I would.

  • PL Proud

    This is a very visually prominent corner in OB’s gateway and the resulting building doesn’t do the neighborhood any favors. The caucophony of exterior colors, materials and composition are haphazard. Buildings like these are indeed private investments, but placed on main thoroughfares also become part of the public realm and this have a civic responsibility to be excellent. This project misses the mark on just about every level. I wouldn’t be surprised if this building was designed by a well intentioned GC who’s skills are in construction-not design!

    • rb114

      Have you been this OB Gateway corner? Does the gas Station, liquor store, and Jack in the Box on the other prominent corners here capture OB? I am glad this building has replaced the weeds, chain link fence and trash…..

      • Kevin

        I agree. This was a poorly aimed Onion. The jury missed. Did they go to the site and see the corner they are advocating for? I was shocked that the Little Italy parking garage didn’t win because urbanists worship that area and normally consider the beaches (OB and PB) unworthy of their attention.

  • Tim Brown

    So, the vacant lot with a chain link fence that was there for the TEN YEARS before that wasn’t an eye sore? I understand it may not be the most attractive building in town, but take a breath and come down from up on your soapbox before you hurt yourself.

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