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Starbucks at El Cajon Blvd and Oregon

A brand new drive through stand alone Starbucks retail store.  This store replaces the defunct Coco’s at the same location. I have no issue with the drive through as it fills a need judging by the number of cars using it. I nominate it for an Onion as it turns it’s back on the pedestrian on El Cajon Blvd. In order to access the store by foot, one must walk through the parking lot in the rear and cross the drive through lane. There is no entrance on El Cajon Blvd. This store is set up for a suburban strip mall location where the parking lot serves other stores and essentially, becomes the front of the store. Had a little bit of imagination been used, they could have reoriented the drive through and still had a pedestrian entrance on El Cajon Blvd. Starbucks should have been much more in tune with the changing neighborhood and encouraged a pedestrian street life rather than literally turn it’s back on the Boulevard.

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  • SDGreg

    With the supposed emphasis on making El Cajon more pedestrian and transit friendly, why is anything being built with a drive-through? I put the nearby Sonic in the same category. As for the outdoor seating area, putting it on the north side provides more shade and provides a buffer from the traffic on El Cajon. Ideally it would be on the El Cajon side, but El Cajon would need to become a lot less auto-dominated than it is.

    • Andrew Bowen

      I couldn’t agree more! I was so disappointed to see this go up. That space could have been used for the high-density housing and mixed-use commercial development North Park desperately needs.

  • Andrew Towne

    I think this is a very handsome and unpretentious addition to North Park. The wood siding is especially attractive. And there is a nice sense of space around the building. I don’t call it unfriendly to pedestrians that they have to walk a few extra feet, especially if doing so gets them away from the traffic on El Cajon Boulevard. The last thing we need in our older neighborhoods is high density housing. There’s a place for that already — downtown.

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