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October 4, 2018
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Skyline Hills Branch Library

Built as a model for future construction, the Skyline Hills Library opened in 2016 as one of the most modern and efficient buildings in the City of San Diego. The new single-story, 15,000 square-foot, Skyline Hills Branch Library was built on a 3.6-acre lot located west of the old library’s previous location. The new facility was designed to address the needs of the Skyline Hills and Paradise Hills communities and encourage interaction and activity. This project supports the City’s sustainability and climate action goals of reducing the City’s carbon footprint, increasing efficiencies, improving the quality of life, and making the best use of taxpayer funds.

The public plaza and inviting landscape frame the building and create an open invitation to the site. The architecture expands the invitation and provides inspiration, intrigue and excitement through the eloquent sweep of its roof form. This curved roof creates an inspiring and uplifting icon for the community, while promoting the theme of “Dream-Hope-Inspire,” and inspiring a powerful sense of place and civic pride. A timeless design theme is achieved through the unique interior architecture and the use of materials/furniture and colors that enhance the mind, body, and spirit while introducing warmth, comfort, and whimsy. The essence of the design concept for Skyline Hills Branch Library is rooted in the celebration of community, education, diversity and inspiration to DREAM. HOPE. INSPIRE. The new facility will provide a welcoming gateway to the Skyline-Paradise Hills community for both young and old to enjoy for generations to come.

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  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    7900 Paradise Valley Rd, San Diego, CA 92114

    Project Owner/Developer:

    City of San Diego

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Elif E. Cetin/

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Inc.


  • Jose A.

    Welcoming patrons upon entry is a soaring public galleria space creating opportunity for cultural art display, public information, donation/gratitude plaques and way finding direction. The sweeping roof line draws your eye upward into the library area, culminating at the north facing glass wall celebrating daylight and outdoor activity area beyond. The floating roof is patterned with prismatic skylights, reflecting daylight throughout the library reading areas promoting controlled daylight resulting in a pleasant and natural experience and reducing artificial lighting demands. Additionally, the lobby serves as the central access point for the multi-purpose/community room, back of house functions and primary library activity area.

    • Haley Heim

      Great work!! Very impressive

  • Melanie Hartman

    I love this project and the impact it has made on the community. This project has truly brought the community together and created an amazing and impressive space for interaction.

    • Liz Vazquez


  • Melissa Amador

    Beautiful place!

  • Liz Vazquez

    What a beautiful library; a gathering place and esource the community truly deserves.

  • Mike

    Great new modern library. Good mix of traditional paper books and new media.

  • aimee

    Perfect place to gather, learn, rest, or just spend the afternoon in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

  • Roosevelt

    WONDERFUL LIBRARY!!! Deserves an Orchid Award.

  • Jordan Gamart

    Impressive and beautiful!

  • Melissa McDougall

    What a great project that is meaningful to the entire community!

  • Luz Amador

    Love this library and the staff!

  • Nenette Rubillar Tucker

    awesome place to hang around while reading a book. The place are so cozy and very welcoming, Deserves the Orchid Award!!!

  • Airrion Carter

    Nice design and cool library 🙂

  • Sheila Burnett

    Beautiful Library! The artwork is unique it makes the library stand out as one of the jewels of the community. The Library has an area for all ages including a 0-5 First Five area and a Teen hub.

  • Bobby

    This building according to fen shui and numerology address 7900( Paradise Valley RD)= 7+9+0+0= 16= 1+6= 7. Yes, this building is numerology number 7. Whoever enters and use this space is lucky, as in lucky number 7. This is a good place for solidarity, someone who likes to enjoy being alone or need space to be by themselves. The vibe and energy of the architecture takes you to new heights and vibrate with your intuitive. I feel this place is artistically symbolic with their angels/bird sculpture you find in and outside the building. Peaceful and an eyesore for the view of the calming mountain nearby. This library is a sanctuary.

    • Liz Vazquez

      Now I’m going to look up my address. In the meantime, I will go relax at the library 🙂

  • Jose Amador
  • Pao


  • Renee

    Beautiful place !

  • Renee

    Love it !

  • Ana Amador

    Love it!!

  • Natalia Ramirez

    Great design!

  • Elaine

    Deserving of an Orchid! This is such a cool library – I love the sloped roof and all of the special nooks and rooms for patrons to relax and enjoy the library. Truly something for everyone!

  • Adriana

    Great place! creative and friendly, I am sure kids and adults will love it!

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