SDSU Tula Community Center

The Tula Conference Center is all about connectivity and community engagement. The facility creates a sustainable, vibrant and active space that is connected to and integrated with the existing university communities.

The Tula Conference Center is located at the terminus to Cuicacalli Walk which is shared by multiple resident halls and communities on campus. Because of its prominent location the facility is designed in the identifiable architectural character of San Diego State University.

The design couples Mission Revival iconography with pure forms and reduced ornamentation and reinterprets the most prominent typology of the Mission Revival style: the courtyard building. The conference center’s outdoor space was designed to be truly as useful and functional as the indoor conference space. The space uses covered exterior walkways and creates layered transitions from indoor space to outdoor space that are true to style and contextually relevant to San Diego’s climate.

The exterior courtyard shares access with all three interior conference rooms making the courtyard the ideal pre-function space. Each of the conference rooms has a set of sliding doors to allow a seamless flow of conference patrons as well as the opportunity to host a conference with fresh natural air flow.

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    Tula Community Center, Aztec Walk East & East Campus Drive, San Diego, CA 92115

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    San Diego State University

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