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Provisional Kitchen Café & Mercantile at Pendry San Diego

Located at the hotel, Pendry San Diego, Provisional Kitchen, Café & Mercantile was designed in partnership with Raan and Lindsay Parton from Los Angeles’ innovative retail concept, Alchemy Works. Inspired by the concept of retail-meets-art gallery, meets-social spaces, the semi-communal restaurant-marketplace hybrid features seasonal fare and gourmet takeaway options.

Bright, functional, aspirational and minimalist – the design team perfectly displays the urbane sophistication that a downtown flagship space should exemplify. References to traditional hotel grandeur and contemporary tastes blend in the 2,440 square foot space. Provisional Kitchen’s centerpiece is an ultra-high coffered ceiling hung with stunning, 1960’s era gold-tinged chandeliers. An upscale palette of black, white and cool grays is warmed over with glam metals and gold hardware, as well as bright jewel-toned fabrics – offering the perfect balance of polished comfort with a modern edge. Rustic wood flooring marks the foundation for the main restaurant, centered by an open kitchen concept and flanked by an eclectic mix of gray and white chevron patterned tile on either side.

The open kitchen is wrapped in hammered copper that adds a warm metal element to the room. Mid-century inspired chairs and sleek marble table tops offer a streamlined design in the dining room, while an oversized, plush banquette in supple teal serves as the main focal point. Modern geometric references can be found in four large, textured columns marking the edges of the dining room. Located opposite of the columns, on the left, is the cafe with a Vittoria Coffee espresso bar featuring black marble countertops and communal seating. Natural wood shelving lines the back of the bar displaying retail goods from the restaurant’s market place. Large iron-clad, glass windows flood the space with natural light. Come nighttime, sconces and pendant lights cast a moody and intimate glow.

The space comes full circle at its entrance with a one-of-a-kind atrium boutique retail space set within a greenhouse. The shop is specially curated with a collection of luxury homeware, ceramics, apothecary items, high-end pantry staples and jewelry that is available to guests before or after dining.

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    425 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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    Robert Green Company

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    Robert Green

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    Raan and Lindsay Parton


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