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InDev is proud to present the latest in luxury multifamily living in downtown San Diego’s Little Italy district. Prime’s stunning modern facade, gorgeous open interiors with intriguing views, custom contemporary finishes, modern creature comforts, its state of the art design and centralized location is truly one of a kind.
This development consist of 9 unique units With a mechanical parking system parking 5 cars where normal you could only park 2. There are two town-home inspired units located directly on the corner overlooking the streets of Little Italy, with incredible views looking out into the bay from its roof top terrace and large floor to ceiling windows let you feel like you are floating above the streets below.  There are street level units that offer versatile layouts that could be used as commercial spaces or a personal apartment and offers enough flexibility to blend the two uses. The rest of the units are small to large studios that focused on open floor plans to insure the tenants can maximize the use of their square footage.
Primes architectural aspirations where to break away from your typical multifamily apartment complex and give the Columbia and Grape intersection a form of identity. With the unique play on materials creating a new architectural langue with the pushing and pulling effects. The white stucco defines the traditional box in which most of San Diego’s buildings gravitate towards, but that where the similarities stop. The corrugated aluminum helps catch the eye  by catching the sun and dispersing it in all directions, as well as highlighting the protruding elements, Black anodized aluminum helps create a form of contrast next to the corrugated aluminum and white stucco, framing in other parts of the building you might have looked past. Then we have the black CMU to help ground the building and give it a monolithic base from which the building seemingly  grows out of. To finish it off the concrete frame ties the building to its surroundings as well ad a smooth transition into the sidewalk below.
  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    1965 Columbia St

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Owner; Prime at 1965, LLC / Developer; IndevLLC

    Owner Contact Name/Email:


    Project Architect/Designer:

    Architect; InDev / Designer; Zac Stover


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Contact Us



P.O. Box 122228
San Diego, CA 92112-2228
Federal Tax ID: 95-3513927

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