October 26, 2017
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Patrick Henry Arts, Media and Entertainment Center & Production Studios

The Patrick Henry High School Arts, Media & Entertainment Center and Production Studios (PHAME) is a comprehensive revitalization project seeking to transform the community through collaborative use. The scope includes the addition of a 509-seat Performing Arts Theater and California Career Technical Education funded learning spaces. With plans to provide joint usage with local, private and community college theater and orchestra groups, the Center grants students direct access to professional practice, sparking a much needed district desire for applied learning in the arts. The theater holds full capability to house both musical and theatrical venues. Another major component of PHAME, the Production Studios, are equipped with traditional and digital design and fabrication facilities allowing students and local groups alike to utilize the most current performing arts technology, and provides useful infrastructure for future growth in the arts.


High performance has played a major role in the design of PHAME, both in the technology it houses and in the centers building design as well. The building design currently exceeds qualification of CHPS, California’s high performance school initiative. LED lighting throughout the entire complex, and the use of local and recycled materials clearly makes it the most efficient building on campus, and has helped to set the standard for future expansion.


As an expression of PHAME’s digital fabrication capabilites, the proscenium wall/stage opening has incorporated contemporary technology with an historical twist. The Pantages Theater, a local, and since demolished historical theater from the late ‘20’s, has served as the inspiration for this important theater element. Its rich embellishment, so crucial to the architectural language of the day,  is reinterpretated through digital means into the front face of the stage, and allows a bit of history to relive through the filter of today.


This project has been developed along with a whole site modernization and new athletic facilities. Funded by Prop S, Prop Z and love from local community, the Patrick Henry High School Arts, Media & Entertainment Center and Production Studios will become the gateway not only to the campus, but to the growth of dramatic arts in this community.

  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    Patrick Henry High School, 6702 Wandermere Drive, San Diego, CA 92120

    Project Owner/Developer:

    San Diego Unified School District

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Lee Dulgeroff at ldulgeroff@sandi.net

    Project Architect/Designer:

    PJHM Architects


  • Estefany

    Beautiful building!
    The canopy looks great, and at night when most of the performances happen it looks fantastic.
    Great for students’ motivation!

  • drew

    Wonderful center & teaching opportunity!

  • jlm

    Wow – this building is not only stunning in its own right, but it thoroughly transforms the whole school campus. Not to mention it creates a space that allows students to pursue their passions in a meaningful way. Beauty and function.

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