Palomar Learning Resource Center, San Marcos

The new 85,000-square-foot four-story Learning Resource Center  at Palomar College addresses the deficiencies and diverse programmatic needs of the existing library, resulting in an effective use of the available site on a campus with a growing student population. The building program has three components: library, academic technologies and tutoring.

The client’s request for visual access into the building became the primary organizing element and design feature. In response, the components were “stacked” into four floors overlooking a full-height lobby space which announces this special resource and destination from the campus quad.

Each of the main components of the program occupies a separate floor, with the library functions located on the ground floor, for easy access; and sky level, where elevated views of the surrounding valley become a dramatic backdrop to reading areas and community rooms. The library is linked by the Academic Technology Center and Tutoring Center respectively in the middle floors. The project meets the current 2030 Challenge goal of 70% fossil fuel reduction for new construction and it is on track to achieve LEED Gold certification.

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  • Project Address:

    1140 W. Mission Road, San Marcos CA 92069

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Palomar College

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Chris Miller /

    Project Architect/Designer:

    LPA, Inc. / Ozzie Tapia

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