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Historic Preservation

NoonanLance T.I.

The repositioning of an existing historic 1925 warehouse into a commercial/mix-use office building was a step forward for San Diego’s downtown urban revitalization. JR Western Investments developer and Studio E Architects commenced the revitalization of Park Lofts in mid-2015. Noonan Lance Boyer & Banach LLP was Park Lofts’ first tenant as of August 2016. The firm occupies 5000 SF, the entire top floor of the 4-story building. NoonanLance partnered with Steven Gorup, Vice President of Hughes Marino, and Tiffany English, Principal of Ware Malcomb San Diego, to assess the feasibility of the project.

Roxana Miu, Lead Designer in Ware Malcomb’s Downtown San Diego office, worked closely with James Lance, a founding partner of NoonanLance, in programing, designing, and executing the firm’s vision of developing a new approach to a law office environment.

In planning and visioning the space, core needs of a traditional law practice were addressed, while affording its users a creative office experience. The building’s historic character and its unique fabric were creatively intertwined with the needs of a contemporary work space. Embracing the rawness and patina of time the design concept emerged to be a celebration of the space’s historic past and its present-day use. The wooden posts spanning between the tongue and groove flooring and roof, the hollow-brick walls, iron glass pane windows and all other iron detailing were left intact while new construction and materials were used to complement the space’s industrial loft feel without competing with its inherent colorfulness. A single accent color ties the space’s architectural past to its present form.

As designed by Ware Malcomb, NoonanLance’s office has been recently named one of the Top 5 “Cool Offices” in San Diego County by San Diego Business Journal. Out of more than 30 offices that submitted, NoonanLance’s office was selected for its “more progressive creative uses of open and collaborative spaces and unobstructed sight lines.”

  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    701 Island Avenue, Suite 400, San Diego CA 92101

    Project Owner/Developer:

    JS Western Retail Investments

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Scott Tiano/scott@jswestern.com

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Roxana Miu/Ware Malcomb


  • Aaron Flores

    Beautiful space. Well executed. Love the restoration of the raw space mixed with some modern materials and glass to showcase the beauty.

  • http://www.jwalcher.com Sandy Young

    Love that this project kept the original floors, brickwork and exposed beams/open ceilings. I’ve never seen a law office like it!

  • Caroline McNulty

    I love the mix of old and new! Exciting to see a law firm take this new approach!

  • Dawn Riegel

    This space embodies the “new transparent” way of working with the strength and solidness you would like from a Law Firm. The mix of historic and modern elements fit in the reimagined space. It is a real hit – Great Job!

  • Angela Lafica Ryan

    Great job preserving all of the character without compromising on quality! Love it.

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