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While most developers would shy away from the narrow 2,500 square foot lot where the Mitra Lofts are now located, the design-build firm, Nakhshab Development & Design, Inc. (NDD) embraced the constraints of the downtown San Diego site to create a medium-density, mixed-use building featuring open spaces with a modern aesthetic. Instead of overcrowding the building by maximizing the density at 36 units, NDD focused on creating 10 boutique units that would give each tenant a more private, luxurious lifestyle. This approach allowed for a multitude of unit configurations, encouraging multi-generational living. Tenants range from young professionals living in the studios, to a small family in the 2-bedroom unit, to a retired couple living in the private penthouse level. All units feature open floor plans and the project is topped-off with an awe-inspiring full level penthouse with access to a private outdoor patio with panoramic downtown views.

Another factor that sets Mitra Lofts apart is the neighborhood in which it is located. For the past 30 years, East Village has been considered an “undevelopable” warehouse area of downtown. As many social services were pushed to East Village, the homeless community swelled discouraging traditional developers. It is only recently that developers like NDD, who understand San Diego’s housing problem, saw the possibility of urban growth and resurgence in East Village. Mitra Lofts specifically addresses such social and economic issues through its ground level activation and multi-generational living. It’s main street front unit is home to NDD’s headquarters, which is a hub for clients, business partners, and employees. It encourages interaction with residents and local business owners contributing to a more vibrant local community. Mitra’s location near transit adds to its sustainable features. While being easily accessible from the freeway, it is also within a walkable distance of a trolley/bus station encouraging tenants to use their vehicles less. In addition, NDD used passive and prescriptive measures to certify Mitra as a LEED Platinum project. Mitra Lofts has triggered a revitalization shockwave within the East Village neighborhood, causing the owners of multiple surrounding sites to follow suit with their developments and increasing the potential to bring family and community together.

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    Nakhshab Development and Design, Inc.


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