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A contemporary, sustainable, mixed office/retail/restaurant project was built on a difficult 4-acre property in a residential section of Carmel Valley. The Carmel Valley Community Plan called for a walkable neighborhood-serving retail area that was first contemplated as a boring strip mall anchored by a convenience store. The site sat vacant for at least two decades. On the verge of a rezone to homes, the site was purchased by Sea Breeze Properties whose owner, along with visionary architects Safdie Rabines, came up with an inventive solution for a commercially viable community serving center. The design makes maximum commercial use of the site while fitting in with the community. It provides inviting public spaces visible from the street and upstairs office/studios. Plentiful parking is discreetly placed away from the street and underground. Opened just a few months ago, the community has embraced the outdoor spaces and community serving tenants, including a top-rated restaurant and wine bar.

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  • Project Address:

    5550 Carmel Mountain Road 92130 (corner of Carmel Mountain and Carmel Country Roads)

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Sea Breeze Properties, Gary Levitt President

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Safdie Rabines


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