Luma Rooftop Video Screen, Little Italy

Perhaps too true to its name, the video screen on the rooftop of the Luma apartment building shines too brightly onto the streets of Little Italy. It is both a visual distraction and out of place with the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

The massive video screen is visible over half a mile away along India Street, Kettner Boulevard, at Waterfront Park, and on the freeway.  There is no doubt that Luma provides luxury amenities for its residents, but the rest of Little Italy doesn’t benefit from having ESPN broadcast from the top of the building nearly day and night, compromising the nature of the neighborhood’s sight lines and ambiance.

Though permitted by city code, this screen is no different than a flashing electronic billboard in the center of a residential neighborhood. It sets a bad precedent for future development in San Diego and would most certainly be more at home in Las Vegas or Times Square, not beaming out from high above Little Italy.

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