Kairoa Brewing Company, University Heights

Views from the roof might be cool, even awe-inspiring. But views of this catbox from the rest of the actual neighborhood are absolutely not inspiring. Why, in such a livable, interesting neighborhood, would someone build a giant, grim monolith? It’s like someone just arrived at a great block party but they’re in a terrible mood and they brought their negative vibes with them. I mean, sure, they made big openings on the west side so the brewery could belch all it’s sounds and smells out into the neighborhood. That, obviously, is awesome.

But even better is the southern wall, which at the pedestrian scale is nearly completely covered in what must be a proprietary color of gray, which functions like a black hole to suck all interest and excitement out of the neighborhood. Maybe this was built with help from NASA, and the secret dark gray soul-crushing color and finish is something they’ll use to coat our future space force. Whatever the case, the dark gray powers are not understood here, or appreciated. This building would barely be OK in an industrial park, where it would only be a few people’s problem.

It’s a terrible building at this location. A real missed opportunity, a bruise where we didn’t want one. It could and should have been reflective of the neighborhood, part of the growing energy, and could have been a contributor to the setting. Instead, it’s a big, boxy, dark, negative.

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    4601 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116

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    Shanan Spearing, Rob and Andrea Peach

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    Shanan Spearing,

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Mojave Architecture

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