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October 26, 2017
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Imperial Beach Library

The Imperial Beach Library is the Civic Center of Imperial Beach, located across the street from City Hall in historically significant Veteran’s Park. The 14,830 SF facility is a state of the art, Zero Net Energy learning center that provides resources to a diverse group of people while serving as a welcoming community gathering place.

The meandering board formed concrete “boardwalk” at the entrance to the building creates a connection between the existing park and 8th street. The building itself is clad in a combination of stucco and eye-catching, brightly colored porcelain wood-look tile, reminiscent of beach cottages. The massing of the spaces is broken up to resemble these cottages, adding interest and definition to the unique attributes of each. A large central wave shaped roof runs the length of the building creating an expansive amount of glazing along north and southern faces and clerestory windows along the east side for daylighting. The interior of this roof structure is exposed acoustical decking, creating an open voluminous space for the main artery of the building.

The relaxed, coastal vibe carries from the entrance through the interior with materials such as the decorative sealed concrete with cast silvery shell aggregate that transitions to a sandy ceramic tile through to a durable carpet tile that ranges from the beach sand through greens and teals to eventually dark blue in the children’s sea themed area.

High impact resistant gypsum board with accents of decorative and colorful wood-look tile carry the cottage theme indoors. Clerestory windows allow for soft, filtered light to enter the main spaces and the ocean discovery theme continues through the rooms.

Roof mounted photovoltaics provide 100% energy offset for the building usage, making it ZNE. The building has also been certified at the LEED Gold level by the USGBC and GBCI.


  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    810 Imperial Beach Blvd., Imperial Beach, CA 91932

    Project Owner/Developer:

    County of San Diego

    Owner Contact Name/Email:

    Mark Zabonik | Mark.zabonik@sdcounty.ca.gov

    Project Architect/Designer:

    JKA | domusstudio architecture | delawie


  • Fran


  • Renee Hanson

    Libraries are amazing places where everyone in the community can go to get FREE reading materials, DVDs, ebooks, classes and TONS more. This brand new building succeeds in inspiring everyone to come in and be enlightened! What could be better for our city than a place that welcomes everyone while promoting life long learning?

  • Michael R Peterson

    The Imperial Beach library is absolutely amazing!! The children’s area is just a delight, and the exterior is simply breathtaking. Coupled with the best staff in California, this library is the jewel of southern California!

  • Sandy

    The Imperial Beach Library is a gem of our community, providing users of all ages a pleasant environment for reading, exploring and learning. The space is versatile and the reading and homework rooms offer relaxing views. The beach town theme presents nicely and reflects the casual, classic Callifornia IB life style. The increased attendance and high utilzation are evidence that the design works.


    Beautiful library in our community! With tribute wall for residents, adjacent to Veteran’s Park with more tributes to vets. Exquisite architecture!

  • Theresa

    This is a very attractive design that smartly fits into the park, the senior center, and the community. It provides a nod to the surf town, in it’s art and internal structure (like the wooded vehicle). The patio that faces the park is tucked in, and yet easily flows into the feel of the park itself. The open area at the top of the building allows for great natural light too. It’s just well done!

  • Tiffany

    The new Imperial Beach Library is designed with IB in mind! From the wave in the roof to the surfboard benches to the pier walkway adjacent to the building, this library includes well-thought out features inside and out. The outdoor patio gives customers more options, and the design of the building gives this community access to far more space, materials, and resources than it has before. The colors used represent the beach and pride of IB! Come see IB blue in the building!

  • Tina

    I love the wave and color scheme of the building. It is beautiful to drive by, and the large “library” sign makes it easy to tell what the building is from the street. I also love that it is next to a park, and the open patio area is a great spot to eat or read. The building is also zero net, so it is making all of the energy it uses.

  • Olivia Johnson

    The wave shaped roof is incredible. Every time I visit the library I find something new!

  • Nathan Johnson

    What an incredible library! The kids area is great. My kids enjoy sitting and reading every time we go in

  • Sandman

    That interior wave roofline is just the sort of inspirational element I hope to see in a great library space.

  • Tara

    This building is a beautiful example of making a space that is both functional and a piece of living art. It’s an inspiring space that is a very organic but aesthetically pleasing work of art for all its visitors and neighbors to enjoy.

  • Sam

    This is a wonderful library! I love how the design fist with the community.

  • Crosby

    Did you know that this library is on the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Savings by Design tour for San Diego. Very Cool.

    • Sandy

      Really? How can I learn about that tour?

  • Sandy


  • Frida

    Amazing library !

  • Spencer

    IBCL looks absolutely amazing and is unlike anything I’ve every seen. So original !

  • V

    Designed to look like a wave! So cool

  • Karen

    I love the waves at the entrance fits our beach town perfectly

  • Fernando

    The library has a cool look with the painting of sea waves in the front with half a car in the inside. I love it.

  • Liliana

    Beautiful architecture of the new library. Love the children’s area!

  • Gwen

    Beautiful architecture different from all the other libraries.

  • Mindy

    Amazing new library!

  • Viviane

    Excellent customer service. Beautiful design

  • Elisa

    We love the look of our new library

  • Raymond Hilliard

    Looks amazing. Great design. Adds more culture to our city 😉

  • Christina

    Mom of 3 little kids that love to read. This library offers them so many areas to read & do their homework after school.

  • Selena

    What I like about the look of the library is that its entrance looks very cool.

  • Fernanda

    Would like to comment that the Imperial Beach public library is one or most beautiful buildings.Its colorful sea team colors bring a serene natural style , a perfect interpretation of our wonderful city of San Diego….

  • Nailea

    The architecture of this building is magnificent and unique! As a person who has lived in IB my whole life, I know how our culture is and this architecture demonstrates the type of scenery IB is famous for! From the way the children’s are was built to the arches on the ceiling, the Imperial Beach Library’s architecture was designed beautifully every inch!!!

  • lorena

    The Imperial Beach Library’s Architecture is magnificent and makes every person who walks in feel the beachy vibes our city is famous for!!!!!!!!!

  • Teresa

    The Imperial Beach Library Architecture is absolutely beautiful. The outside of the building has a very modern design that is sure to increase the value of the neighborhood. The uniquely crafted vaulted ceilings gives it a very spacious vibe to the interior of the building. The artwork chosen to grace the walls adds immense character to the space. It is a pleasure to spend time in this creative environment. Thank you to all those involved in the design and building!

  • nancyib

    The Imperial Beach Library’s Architecture is absolutely breath taking. You feel the beach environment from the outside to the complete interior.

  • Billy

    I like the wave of the building. And it is pretty cool looking on the outside and the inside too.

  • awesomelibrarians

    Vote 4 the IB library… The surfing lifestyle of Imperial beach is really captured in the architectural design and the librarians are really cool too!

  • Henry Vaca Escandon

    I love the architecture of the Imperial Beach Library because of the wave-shaped roof and how it captures the spirit of the Beach community.

  • optimystic1

    This is a playful, colorful building that sits well in the park setting and as a gateway to the beach area. It is a beautiful addition to the community which provides an attractive destination in the middle of town near City Hall, Veterans Park, the Senior Center and nearby senior housing; the Boys & Girls Club in the same park; and just blocks from an elementary school and Mar Vista High School. Inside, it really opens up and feels spacious. It is not only attractive and functional, it is transit friendly being so close to all.

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