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October 26, 2017
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HUB: Hillcrest Uptown Block

Drastically changing the façade of the shopping center with vibrant art, pops of color, and textures is exactly what the heart of Hillcrest needed. Hillcrest isn’t a cookie cutter neighborhood, this design is a reflection of the vibrant community. Around every corner there is something new to see! I am glad they decided to keep the buildings and do a facelift to the 25 year old shopping center.

The late architect Graham Downes was originally contracted alongside Don Hollis in 2012. They set the vibe of the HUB with the idea of 10 new murals. Artists work can be found from Zack Nielson, Sky Walker, EXIST1981, Mike Maxwell, and Isaias Crow.

Contributors to the 3 million dollar upgrade for HUBs success are Page Winkler of MCG Architects, Don Hollis of Hollis Brand Culture for marketing, Jose Parral for Landscape design, Ron Neal Lighting Design, John Hadaya of Jones Sign and Bycor Construction.

  • Orchid Nominee

  • Project Address:

    1030 University Ave

    Project Owner/Developer:

    Regency Centers

    Project Architect/Designer:

    Graham Downes, MCG Architects, Hollis Brand Culture, Jose Parral, Ron Neal Lighting Design, Jones Sign, Bycor Construction


  • Donny_Hay

    I like the mural on university and 10th.

  • Don Hollis

    This ongoing community project is undergoing a series of planned enhancements that will unfold over the next few months, including additional murals in progress and a newly reinvigorated underground parking structure. The before and after photos are the most compelling as this gem continues to blossom.

  • Paul Stravinsky

    I nominate this for an Onion. It is totally out of style with the neighborhood, as if it belly flopped and beached itself out of the river bed that is Mission Valley.

    I was sure those bile green and paint tape blue ‘accents’ were primer when they first went up and that maybe a nice color, one that might add cohesiveness not demolish it, would of course be the next step.

    But noooooooooooooo. Then the awful carnival cruise lines murals!

    Then, as if even THEY don’t want to really announce it, “HUB” in white on white somewhere in there. Like they ran out of bad ideas at just the right time.

    All in all; it looks like a jarring jumble of pick up sticks (not the greasy chain) and random strewn Lego blocks you have to hunch and swerve to avoid while getting to your store.

    Don’t get me started on yoga mat carrying commuters (they probably live 3 blocks away) jamming their SUV into the lots and on the streets every 65 minutes.

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