Truax House/Leon at Laurel, Bankers Hill

Bankers Hill is filled with historic houses with rich histories, like the Truax house; from a residence to an AIDS hospice to a neglected structure. While the house was originally designed as a craftsman, its multiple renovations have made its architectural style less obvious. This last update by Nakshab Development Design changed it to “clearance rack red” and paired with a modern black box apartment building that does not fit the neighborhood. And while the newly added apartment complex is a nice design, it stands out like a black void in the sky and the partnering blood red “Craftsman” is too bold. It does not fit in with the neighborhood.

The condos block the neighboring properties’ views of Point Loma and the waterfront. What sense does this make? The building could have been stepped down so all would have that view.  Although striving to be a “green building”, the black exterior will attract heat in the hot weather. The condo furthest east has clear windows on three stories facing the neighbors’ apartments, so the neighbors can view all the rooms in the east condo and vice versa. There is a hard right angle into the parking garages from the driveway- the occupants better have very small cars or scooters! These condos look like a swollen black thumb with no relevance to the historic Bankers Hill Neighborhood or the historic Truax house behind them.

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    Soheil Nakhshab,

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    Nakhshab Development & Design Inc. (NDD)

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